Nickel Concession Area


%nickel pig iron & ferronickel products %silkroad nickel ltdPT Teknik Alum Service (“PT TAS”) was established in 2009 and acquired by PT Anugrah Tambang Sejahtera (“PT ATS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Silkroad Nickel Ltd.

The Group’s concession is a high-tonnage, open-cut lateritic nickel mine located in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia on an IUP permit concession area covering 1,301 hectares. PT TAS was issued a 20-year mining operation/production licence in 2009, including a further 10-year extension option, and has been producing since then. 

PT TAS has advanced through various permitting, exploration, community socialisation, environmental studies and feasibility and development stages (including construction of a haul road, jetty and stockpile area) to provide only the finest standards of nickel ore to help companies produce the highest quality products in which they offer and only the best exploiting methodology is practiced to preserve nature for the people around and generations to come.

PT TAS also has two active jetties located separately in the northern and southern part of its IUP/permit concession area capable of loading up 7-10 kt barges.

The Group actively maintains and upgrades infrastructure such as hauling roads, stockpiles, worker’s dormitories, and heavy-duty mining equipments to ensure the best and most efficient production quality.

Silkroad Nickel has also succeeded in completing a comprehensive exploration drilling program at the mine site with the view to updating the resource base at 2019. The Company has also converted approximately 30% of estimated mineral resources to estimated mineral reserves following a completed Independent Qualified Persons’ Report (“IQPR”) and Independent Valuation Report (“IVR”) found here

Silkroad Nickel is now set on its long-term vision of powering China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategic initiatives in Indonesia, specifically in Morowali, the nickel hotspot of the World. In less than 18 months since its listing, Silkroad Nickel has developed downstream smelting and processing business opportunities – transforming from its primary nickel mining operations into a vertically-integrated nickel producer of Lateritic Nickel Ore, Nickel Pig Iron (“NPI”) and Ferronickel (“FeNi”) products for the growing Stainless Steel Industry. 

This strategic advantage will allow Silkroad Nickel to enhance its business model from operating as a relatively small-scale miner in an environment of high capital expenditure to being a low-cost nickel producer with high-quality nickel mining and processing assets.

Links to Silkroad Nickel’s downstream joint venture partnerships can be viewed here, Phase I and Phase II.

%nickel pig iron & ferronickel products %silkroad nickel ltd
%nickel pig iron & ferronickel products %silkroad nickel ltd
%nickel pig iron & ferronickel products %silkroad nickel ltd

Nickel Ore Production

%nickel pig iron & ferronickel products %silkroad nickel ltd