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The Mineral Resources of the Buleleng and Torete deposits cover the entire concession area of 1,301 ha. The Mineral Resources were classified as Inferred and Indicated Mineral Resources based on data quality, sample spacing, and grade continuity. The Indicated Mineral Resources were defined within areas of close spaced diamond drilling of less than 100 m by 100 m, and nearby areas where the continuity of the mineralisation was good. Inferred Mineral Resources were assigned to areas of the deposit where the drill hole spacing was greater than 100 m by 100 m, often on the periphery of the Indicated Resources. 

There are large areas of the project defined by drilling on 50 m by 50 m spacing or even closer 25 m by 25 m spacing. These areas could have been classified in the Measured category but were classified as Indicated due to limited data quality as was determined after analysis of the assay quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) data.

The Mineral Resource has been constrained by an outer boundary around the periphery of the drill holes at a distance approximately half the adjacent drill spacing. The Mineral Resource has also been constrained by the license boundaries and topography data as at 27th May 2019.

The Mineral Resource is reported at variable grade ranges of Ni that define potentially economic mineralisation types in each lithological zone. Cut-off grade parameters were selected based on grade specification requirements for the smelters receiving the DSO and other similar projects in the region.

Results of the independent Mineral Resource estimate for the Project are tabulated in the Statement of Mineral Resources below. The reported Mineral Resource figures in the table below represent estimates as at 27th May, 2019 and are depleted for mining as of the same date. They comprise estimates for both the RTO area and the Earnout area. The Mineral Resource tonnages and grades were estimated on a dry in-situ basis. Wet quantities were determined from the estimated dry quantities and moisture content.

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Statement of mineral resources

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  • *Mineral Resources are inclusive of Ore Reserves
  • All estimates are depleted using topographic survey data as at 27 May 2019
  • All grades are reported on a dry basis
  • Minimum cut-off criterion of 0.5% Ni was used to report Mineral Resources
  • Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimates are not precise calculations.
  • The totals contained in this table have been rounded to reflect the relative uncertainty of the estimate. Rounding may cause some computational discrepancies
  • WMT: Wet Metric Tonne, Ni: Nickel, Co: Cobalt, Fe: Iron